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Purple Wax Games was established to provide fun applications for use on the Apple iPhone & iPod touch (and now iPad too!)

Who Are Purple Wax Games?

Just the two of us. Kevin and Jenny, neighbours and playmates when we were 8 years old, lost contact and re-united 30 years later. We're a bit Yin and Yang, but they say opposites attract. Engaged (Kev rang my Dad for permission and went down on one knee in a busy restaurant to propose on my 40th birthday, aahhhh) and waiting for the right wedding to appeal to them both, much to the consternation of family and friends. The favourite so far is an Ice Chapel in Norway under the Aurora Borealis, but it's ordering that damn Aurora Borealis to be there at the same time!

You already know about Kev, and Jen is a bit of an Earthgirl at heart preferring to be outside rather than inside sat at the computer. Jen has years of interpersonal skills which she realises is helping them both to develop Purple Wax Games, slowly but surely into a great business. Jen is always saying “what goes around comes around” and believes you should always treat people the way in which you would want to be treated yourself.

Together they think that their 'odd' mix of talents and willingness to learn and grow from each other is enabling them to run a happy and successful business.

Fun Comes First

Playing games is supposed to be fun not torture, which seems to get forgotten by some so-called games companies. Here at Purple Wax Games the fun comes first!

Good To Be Green

Purple Wax Games uses only downloadable distribution - this means that there’s no wasteful packaging and no discs that end up in landfill.

No Annoying Adverts

We find games and websites with adverts very distracting, so we don’t use them. If you do too, then please support us by buying our apps - thanks in advance!