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Purple Wax Games supports the Harriet Davis Trust

We support a local charity The Harriet Davis Trust, it provides fully equipped house's for severely disabled children to to be able to have a holiday by the seaside.

Harriet Davis suffered from a rare degenerative metabolic disease ‘Leigh’s Encephalmyelopathy' it's what is known as an 'orphan' disease and was left unable to speak and had lost most of her motor abilities.


With difficulty she could use a word chart and make use of an electric wheelchair and she loved her holidays by the seaside, Harriet said, using her word chart; “I like to know that everyone has a holiday.”

Harriet died at the age of eleven and the trust was set up in 1992 as a tribute to her shining and indomitable spirit.

Her Parents were very aware of the fact that suitable accommodation was hard to find, especially at an affordable price,  which would enable the whole family with a severely disabled child to have a holiday.

We didn't know Harriet ourselves, only through her parents John and Kit who work tirelessly. Since we became involved we have now come to know more and more about the difficulties faced by many of the children and their families in just getting by day to day. Something us able bodied don't even realise until we're faced with it.

Lots of people support the Charity and we try to do our little bit, Kev redesigned and ran their website free of charge for a while, we hold carboot sales and sell things on ebay where we give the trust half the profit, in fact we get involved in whatever they ask us to do and have enjoyed lots of fun times. Whether it's help with general maintenance, the garden, Star Meadow, or the yearly fund raising day "A Bit of Do" where we have a barbeque, cream teas, ice-cream, various stalls, (including Kev's very popular games stall, well when you've been a games developer for 25yrs you're bound to acquire one or two!) old fashioned games: the human fruit machine, coconut shy, whack-a-rat, raffle etc..... It's free admission and everyone is welcome. Check out the Book

We feel it is an honour and a privilege to be a part of this very special worthwhile charity, it's run for the children and not for the profit. We look forward to many more years involvement.

Please enjoy browsing the link at the top of the page for more information.

Many Thanks for reading.


Photo of Harriet Davis on Tenby beach